Texas Instruments Prototype Boards



At Eagle Circuits, we understand the needs of our TI engineering community. We also believe in simplifying the process, and focusing on what really matters.

Many of TI’s bare boards requirements are quick turn prototypes. These boards are usually simple 2/L, 4/L or 6/L boards, where the required qtys are less than what can fit on a single production panel. We have made the quoting and ordering process very simple for these boards, by offering the following fixed pricing schedule.

This basic pricing is based on building a single 12×18 panel on a standard 3 day turn.
These are as follows:
Qty 1 Panel Price:
2/L – $450.00
4/L – $650.00
6/L – $850.00
8/L – $1,150.00
Additional Panel Price:
2/L – $100.00 per panel
4/L – $150.00 per panel
6/L – $200.00 per panel
8/L – $250.00 per panel
We are still developing the remainder of the pricer, but so far the following options have been added:
  1. Electrical Testing is Optional at $175 per project
  2. 3 day to 2 Day is an additional $200 per project
  3. 3 day to 1 Day is an additional $500 per project
Simply email us the data, tell us how many boards you must have, provide the PCARD and I/O information, and where to deliver the boards.
Our goal is to allow you to focus on what matters most. Let us take care of the rest. Together, we can improve our world through electronics !