reKam1 is an open source virtual machine designed to enable consumers to wirelessly connect and program things in seconds. Want to automate your home through your phone? Want to learn how to make school projects come alive? Need a simplified way of collecting and analyzing sensor data? reKam1 is your 30 second solution!

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 11.48.42 PM

Eagle Circuits is excited about supporting the maker community by jointly introducing the next generation rekam1 boards for the upcoming NY Maker Faire. By collaborating with Masterspy on this new version, 11 I/O signals are available from the micro-controller along with a standard low power Bluetooth interface for programming and communication(with the rekam1 virtual machine).

Eagle Circuits is committed to “Improving Our World through Electronics” and the rekam1 is just another example of making electronics more accessible to all creators and makers.

For some examples of some exciting projects that have already been developed using the remake board, visit the rekam1 blog.

The schematics for this version of the remake boards are as follows:


With a BOM of the following standard parts:

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 11.54.27 PM

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